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Amaze your audience with a Salto Entertainment Production!

Our Productions can be staged in Performing Arts Centers, Arenas, Amphitheaters , Festivals, Fairs, Special Events or inside our extravagant mobile venues.

Mr. Swindle
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The Great Mr. Swindle's Traveling Peculiarium & Drink-Ory Garden®

The only words capable of justifying the excitement to be experienced at The Great Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium is “Absolutely Outrageous”. Mr. B.S. Swindler AKA Mr. Swindle hosts his captivating 90-minute extravaganza delighting his audience with an unparalleled exhibition of classic vintage amusement, live acrobats and comedy. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the dawn of entertainment as the past comes to the future and bewitches the spectators that dare to observe. Certainly be sure to attend early to relish in the perplexing potions, bitter brews, and mischievous medicines served in Dr. Elixir’s Drink-Ory Garden. Come one, come all and join us for the exceptional celebration impressive to all.


=FLIPPIN’ is an invigorating live presentation where mechanical innovation and flipping artistry integrate to bring you one of most peculiar and extraordinary exhibitions of this era!

 Among the fanatical innovators are acrobats, comedians and aerialists who have time traveled from a past that never existed to share their eclectic innovations to the advanced world. Among the wild innovations you can expect to witness flying mechanisms, contraptions, body mechanics and so much more! All of the characters are played by award-winning aerialists and stunt artists who have traveled the world and entertained fans in the USA, Monte-Carlo, Japan and even Australia, where they performed in the famed Sydney Opera House.

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Moto Maniac Poster.jpg

MOTO MANIACS is a stimulating and exhilarating live display where mad motorcycle stunts and audacious acrobats collide. The show is a smashup of loud bikes, astounding acrobatics, modern electrifying music and contemporary costumes. Our performers will demonstrate the curiously extreme levels of a maniac and craft your experience into a wild ride!

Our maniacs have been featured in performances across the globe and have presented there spine-chilling acts in venues such as The Sydney Opera House, Disneyland in California, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Kiss In Concert, Six Flags, Niagara Falls, Madison Square Garden, NBC’s Death Defying Thrills and more.


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